Lesson #2: Paradigm Shift

What is going on in your head?

Do you secretly think that being thin will be too hard?  Do you think being thin will be a constant struggle or even worse that you'll suffer through dieting and the weight still won't come off.  Have you ever had these thoughts, "I can be overweight and eat what I want", or, "I can be thin but be bored, stressed, miserable, and deprived."

What you need is a Paradigm Shift.

What is a paradigm?  A paradigm is a typical example or pattern of something; a model; framework; a worldview.

Steven Covey describes a shift that he experienced.  He was in a public place where a man was sitting quietly while his three boisterous sons were running around, making lots of noise and bothering people.  His first thoughts were along the lines of, "That man should get control of his boys - they are bothering people.  He does not seem like a responsible person".  After finding out that the man's wife, and the boys' mother, had just died that morning, his view of the man changed dramatically, as you can imagine.  Instead of fuming over the noisy boys, he immediately wanted to help the man and his sons.

His mind shifted away from negative hateful thoughts to loving thoughts.  Instead of spinning away about how bad the boys were, his mind was whirring with thoughts of how he could help the man.

Your turn

Is part of your worldview, "I am on a diet", "I am depriving myself", "How long am I going to have to diet"?  Or does your worldview include thoughts like, "I feel so good about myself!", "I can show my love for myself and my family by taking care of myself", "I love doing habits that I know are good for me"?  Feeling powerful and motivated regardless of your weight or situation is one of the important secrets to creating change, to be able to feel good intentionally.

Do you need to change your paradigm?  Do you need to make a shift?

Imagine that you discovered that your body was an amazing machine, and that if you took good care of it, you would have an amazing symbiotic relationship with your body where it rewarded you with happiness, physical comfort, a long life, the ability to bear healthy happy children, and the ability to do whatever you wanted in life.  Wow!  That is awesome!  Is your mind spinning with ideas of how to take good care of your body?

What if you learned that food is controlling your life, like a drug?  When you think of people with drug addictions, you can see that the drugs are ruining their lives, right?  You think, "I would never let myself be like that" - but you have!  You think about food all the time.  You do absurd things to obtain it.  The sweeter, saltier and fattier it is, the more you want it.  Are you starting to feel disgusted by this behavior?  That's good!  Get disgusted!  If you need help, watch a few movies like Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Super-Size Me, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and Hungry For Change.

Don't let the food industry control your life, your future, your destiny

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 3,000 ads every day. Learn the tricks that advertisers use to persuade us, and take control of this powerful information to persuade yourself into craving things that are truly good for you.

They are the enemy.  If someone was trying to harm your child, what would you do?  Fight back, try to disarm them, kick them out of your house.  By doing the opposite of what the food ads want, you are kicking them out of your house.

Take control!

Successful weight loss is much more than just dropping pounds, it's about living a new life.

If you are excited about taking care of your body, and disgusted by sugary food, it will be easy to eat a nutritious diet and follow positive habits.

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