Worksheet: Limiting Beliefs

If you’re trying to change something in your life, be sure to pay attention to the thoughts that drive it.  Search your brain for any limiting beliefs and work to release and replace them.  Then make a plan to “exercise” the thoughts that you need to think to be successful. 

The first step in dissolving limiting beliefs is to know what they are.  They are hidden, so this is not an easy task.

A friend of mine helped me find one of my major limiting beliefs by asking me the question, “When was the first time you felt like a failure".  Wow!  What a question!  It took me a while, but I was finally able to answer the question.

The reason that this is an important question is because feeling like a failure is a powerful emotional experience, and a powerful emotional experience is likely to leave a mark in the way of a belief.  Other powerful emotional experiences could be feeling scared, or disappointed, etc.

Once you identify any powerful emotional experiences, figure out what was the belief that was created by that experience?

Once you find the limiting belief, can you see that it is NOT TRUE?  This might take some time.  Search your memory for examples that show that this belief is NOT TRUE.

 1. Find the limiting belief

a. Think back to a powerful emotional experience from your childhood

i. It could be "the first time you felt like a failure”, or the first time you felt scared.

ii. What belief was created by that experience?

b. Look for clues by looking for their side effects.  You have learned to be mindful, so put this skill to work.  Do you notice any behaviors or "side effects" that re-occur and keep you from reaching your goals?

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2. Look for proof that the limiting belief is NOT TRUE.  Find examples that it is NOT TRUE, and tell yourself over and over that this belief is NOT TRUE until you believe that.

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 3. Look for past examples in your life of this limiting belief influencing your behavior and sabotaging you.  See if you can determine if there is a “trigger event” or “trigger situation” that tends to lead to sabotaging behavior. Learn to recognize these events or situations and the self-sabotaging behaviors so you can Notice them, and . . .

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 4. . . . Use the Notice, Own and Control technique to catch yourself if the limiting belief tries to assert its power.  Take control by refusing to do the sabotaging behavior and remind yourself that the urge to do the sabotaging behavior is driven by the limiting belief, not by any defect in your character.

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 5. Enjoy your feeling of power!  The sky is the limit!!


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