Worksheet: Fit More Veg Into YOUR Day

How many servings of vegetables do you currently eat every day?  Make a schedule to add in more over the next two weeks so that by Wednesday of the second week, you are eating 5 servings of veg every day. 

1. It is recommended to add in just one serving per day until you are comfortable with that amount, and then add in more.
An adding-in schedule might look something like this:

  • I’m currently eating only 1 serving each day.  Starting today, I’ll add in one:
  • Mon–Weds: eat 2 servings.
  • Thurs-Sat: eat 3 servings.
  • Next week: Sun–Tues: eat 4 servings.
  • Weds–forever eat 5 or more servings.

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2. Now make a PLAN to go with that schedule.  In other words, plan at which meals you will add in veg, and what veg you will prepare.  For example:

    • I’m already eating one serving of cooked vegetable at dinner.
    • Starting Monday, through Wednesday, I’ll add in a small salad to dinner, or have a large salad instead of the cooked veg.  (2 servings)
      • Put romaine, arugula, avocado and scallion on the shopping list (for the salad).
    • Thurs – Sat I’ll continue to have two servings of veg at dinner, and add in a bowl of cooked frozen veg at breakfast. (3 servings)
      • Make sure I have enough salad for dinners all week, buy frozen veg.
    • Next week Sun – Tues, continue as above, and add in a mid-afternoon snack of celery sticks with peanut butter, or cucumber slices with hummus. (4 servings)
      • Put celery, cucumber, peanut butter and hummus on the shopping list.
      • Put aside 10 minutes on Saturday to wash and cut up the celery and cucumber.
    • Next week Weds, continue as above, and add in one serving at lunch of cooked veg.
      • Put “veg” on the shopping list and buy what is in season.
      • Put aside time on Tuesday to prepare and cook it so I have several servings on hand ready to eat at lunch.

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3. What can you do to make planning like this a habit?

E.g. Set aside time each Sunday to plan out your veg (just like in the exercise above), and have a regular grocery shopping day(s) each week.

Note: Keep in mind, it will be helpful to have it planned out like this in the beginning, while you are getting used to the routine. But once the routine becomes, well, routine, you probably no longer need to plan this much.

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