Worksheet: What Foods Need Replacing?

What Foods Need Replacing?

Last week you looked at triggers that cause to you want to take unwanted actions, like eating non-nutritious foods.

This worksheet is similar, but asks you to look at the unwanted actions from the other direction – first we look at what non-nutritious foods you want to eat, and then look at why.

In the past few weeks you have also been paying more and more attention to what you are eating: keeping a food log, concentrating on eating more slowly, chewing more, eating until you are no longer hungry (as opposed to eating until you are full).

So, let’s pull this all together.

1. What problem areas have you found?  What are some eating choices that could be changed for the better?  Examples:

  • Portion size:  i.e. eating cheese or peanut butter for protein is good, but eating too much of either of these foods will result in too many fat calories
  • Fruit is nutritious, but eating too much results in a lot of sugar consumed
  • Drinking soda in the afternoon
  • Always eating desert

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2.  Why do you eat these foods? Examples:

  • You didn’t realize how high in sugar/fat/calories they were
  • You really like them
  • They make you feel full
  • They are your go-to when you are tired/bored/stressed
  • They are readily available and easy

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3. Set some goals on trading out these foods for something else that will easily fit into your life. Examples:

  • Eat yogurt (mixed with real fruit) instead of just fruit
  • Drink iced-tea instead of soda
  • Drink mint tea instead of eating desert

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