Week 5 - Eat Protein at Every Meal


Overview of Week 5

This week introduces another major eating guideline, this time about what to eat, and this will be your Habit for the next two weeks: Eat Protein at Every Meal. The first Worksheet will help you implement this week’s Habit.

You are also introduced to another tool that you can use to help you establish new good habits – Locating Your Triggers. You can use this tool to help you Break Bad Behavioral Chains.

Objectives for this week:

This week’s habit, Eat Protein at Every Meal, can be implemented in steps. For the first few days, choose two meals that will have protein. About mid week, increase that to three meals, and so on. By the end of next week, you should be having protein at all of your meals.


Information from Week 5 to view or download or print

Week 1 Info

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