Action #1: New Self-Image


Remember at the beginning of this program you filled out a questionnaire with four questions on it? The four questions were: What is being overweight costing you? How would things be different if you were at your ideal weight? Have you made the decision to make change in your life? What is your new Slim You Image. And last week, you were asked to come up with a Awesome New You name for yourself.

Do you see a little bit of a theme here? I’m trying to get you to start thinking of yourself as a healthy slim person (not to say that you may not already be slim and healthy …)

Avoid biased thinking + know how to achieve your goals = clears the way for a strong Slim You Image


The way you think about yourself can either aid or impair your efforts at change. Negative thinking, like thinking that it will be too hard to lose weight or maintain a slim weight, will result in actions based on those thoughts. Likewise, if you think that being thin will be a constant struggle, or that you’ll suffer through dieting and the weight still won’t come off, then of course you won’t be successful.

Alternatively, positive thinking results in actions based on those thoughts. So, instead, think about how hard it is to be overweight. When you focus on how hard it will be to lose weight, you’re focusing on a negative emotion; instead, focus on how much easier life will be when you are slimmer, how awesome it is going to be when you are 90-years-old and still feel great, how proud you are going to feel of yourself when you are slim and healthy. Focus on what you’re getting, not on what you’re “giving up” (which, really, is just a bunch of excess weight).


Now, in order to become and stay slimmer, you need to know how to think, act, and respond like a slim person does! This not only is real knowledge, but if you possess this knowledge, it will be easier to think of yourself as slim and healthy.

Unfortunately, teaching you how to be slim is not common curriculum, and if you don’t know how, then how can you succeed? You might know roughly what to do, but you get results when you know how to do it.

Some of the how-to’s are things like knowing off the top of your head 5 fast, easy, and healthy meals that taste really good. Some of the how-to’s are to recognize when you’ve had enough food and then stop. And some of the how-to’s are how to balance your emotions without resorting to food.

Strong Slim You Image

In short, since you are part of this 12-week Live Slim Program, you are on your journey to know how to be slim and you have been practicing how to think like a slim person. Let these two facts give you the confidence you need to put your faith and energy into your New Awesome Slim You!

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