Lesson #1: You Have Two Brains


Two Brains: the Conscious Brain & the Unconscious Brain.

The difference between the conscious and unconscious brain is huge.

  • The Conscious Brain is the part of you that is logical and rational, it is where your willpower lives, it is the part that knows you shouldn’t eat that cookie.
  • The Unconscious Brain is the part of you that carries out automatic functions, such as breathing, but it also stores all your habits.

Here is an example of the difference:

  • When you first learned to read you had to practice continually, this was conscious learning. You practiced reading and writing the letters over and over, you slowly sounded out each word, learned what it meant, and eventually it became automatic for you and moved into the unconscious brain.
  • Right now as you read this you do not have to think about how to read. You just do it. As a matter of fact you couldn’t look at these words and not understand them.

Yuor mnid is aimazngly perofwul!

Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.

What??? You still understood?

This example shows how the unconscious mind is so much quicker and powerful than the conscious mind.

Now imagine that living a healthy lifestyle were that automatic … that’s what we’re trying to achieve. We want to harness the power of the Unconscious Brain!

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