Action #2: Track Your Intake


That’s Right, It’s One of the Four Corners: Intake

Tracking intake (what you eat and drink during the day) is The No. 1 Best Tool for weight loss and healthy eating. Absolutely, hands down, the most effective tool. If you don’t feel like doing anything else in this program, this should be your take-away. Want to lose weight? Keep track of what you’re eating. Well, that, and adjust it to be the proper amount of calories and macro-nutrients.

The app that I recommend using to track your intake is MyFitnessPal. It is free, easy to use, and has a huge database of foods, including menu items at common restaurants. You can download the app to your smart phone, and then also access your account at

If you would like me to review your intake log, I would be happy to do so and make recommendations if needed. But, I need to see your log.

  • If you use MyFitnessPal, you can take a screen-shot of the “Food Diary” page each day.
  • You can use a tool I have called Evolution Nutrition, and then I can see your account and what you’ve eaten. Evolution Nutrition is only online, and doesn’t have any ads (like MyFitnessPal). If you would like to use this tool, please let me know.

Step 1: Use MyFitnessPal or Evolution Nutrition, or another tool/app if you have another that you are already using.

Step 2:Track your intake for at least four days

Step 3:Send me your food diary/food log

  • iPhone: Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top-right of the phone, then press and release the home button. You will hear a shutter noise as though you’d taken a picture, and then the screenshot will be in your photo library.
  • Android phone: Press at the same time either the Volume Down key and the Power button, or the Home button and the Power button.

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