Sleep Routine Worksheet

Answer these questions below to get started planning out your Sleep Routine

After going through you new Sleep Routine for a few days, you will probably find areas to tweak – you can come back to this page and edit what you have written.

Plan out your Daytime Routine here

  1. First step is to Put Your Feet on the Floor. When you get up where will you go that has plenty of light? What else, if anything, do you need to do to facilitate this first step?
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  3. In order to Avoid Long Naps, plan ahead:
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  5. Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day.
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Plan out your Evening Routine here

  1. Establish Your “Bedtime” (the time to go to sleep). (When do you need to get up in the morning? Count back 7 or 8 hours)
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  3. Your last meal before Bedtime: a medium or small meal within a few hours of Bedtime
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  5. Start to minimize liquid intake two hours before Bedtime, especially alcohol.
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  7. One half-hour before Bedtime, start to wind down. How will you relax before bedtime? (e.g. Get ready for bed; Make a cup of relaxing tea and read; Write in your journal; Plan out the next day)
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  9. Brain Dump: Write down thoughts that are in your head that could keep you awake.
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If you want to, you can print out this Sleep Routine Worksheet instead


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