Lesson: Why Are Habits So Important?


Habits and actions control your life

Even inaction has an effect.

  • Habit: you go to work, resulting in earning money.
  • Habit: you brush your teeth, resulting in a healthy mouth.
  • Habit: you drink a venti mocha every morning, resulting in weight gain.

Unless you focus on habits, replacing bad with good, you cannot change them, and therefore cannot change your life.

Habits can be actions or thoughts.

Something that you think all the time is a habit, even though it isn’t something that you are physically doing.  (Remember this, as we’ll talk more about it later.)

When you are learning a new habit, it is just like being back in school.

Like learning anything, at first it is hard or doesn’t seem right. Remember when you were learning to write cursive, or learn the multiplication tables, or learning to type, or learning a sport? The first time isn’t anywhere close to perfect, but every time you do it again, you get better and it gets easier.

You are Not Your Habits

Your habits may define what your life is like, but they do not define who you are. Whether you are creative, artistic, or good at math, these things are you. Whether you like cats or not, this is you. These are the qualities that define you.

But your habits do define your life. “As you do, so shall you become.” And so you feel like you are your habits, and often people see the results of your habits instead of the real you.

But habits are simply actions, and they can be changed. Have you ever known a smoker? Or someone who worked for the same company for a long time? When you think about them, you likely associate them with being a smoker, or working for that company. But, if they quit smoking, or change jobs, they are still the same person. Right? They still laugh at the same jokes, like the same foods.

Habits are driven by Beliefs. So, if you are aware of all of your habits, it will help you discover your beliefs, and ultimately challenge the beliefs that are not helping you.

Before you take the action of brushing your teeth, you have the belief that brushing your teeth is beneficial to your health. If, instead, you thought that dental science was a scam, you would not be motivated to brush your teeth.

Your actions and thoughts around food are also driven by habits and beliefs.

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