Habit: Be Mindful


What is “Being Mindful”?

Being Mindful is being aware of what is going on at this instant in your life, right now, where you are. You need to be mindful in order to see what your habits are.  How do you “Be Mindful” on a daily basis?

Start with a daily, basic task – driving is a good one, but if you don’t drive, choose brushing your teeth, taking a shower or eating. While you are performing that task, don’t think about your to-do list, what happened yesterday, etc. Think about what you are doing. Be Aware of what is around you. If you are driving, notice the other cars, the landscape, any smells – really look at these things. If you are showering/brushing your teeth, notice what sounds you hear, how the toothbrush feels.

Step 1: decide what task you will be mindful while doing the task.

Step 2: do it. Be aware of the present moment and your surrounds; get out of your head.

Step 3: track it. Every day that you spend time being mindful, check off your habit for that day!

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