Checklist: Create a supportive personal environment


Checklist to print

1. Kitchen makeover

Smaller plates and bowls will help you judge proper portion size better, as will using a food scale and measuring cups for measuring portion size.

To avoid taking second helpings, don’t place serving dishes on the table.

The color blue decreases appetite, as does bright light.

Kitchen checklist

  • Use a food scale & measuring cups
  • Use small cups and bowls, put away large plates
  • Use Blue placemats and plates
  • Eat in a bright environment

Refrigerator and cupboard checklist

Make it easier to avoid high-calorie, high-fat meals by removing the following from your kitchen:

  • Processed deli meats
  • Fattening salad dressings, high calorie sauces
  • Fruit drinks, soda, non-dairy creamer
  • Cookies, pastries, desserts, ice cream
  • Chips (of any kind), crackers, white bread or rolls

2. Bedroom Makeover

Studies show that sleep is key not just to our overall health, but to our ability to lose and maintain weight. Design your bedroom for relaxation. Get rid of clutter in your bedroom.

Bedroom Checklist

  • Remove the TV
  • Decorate with light colors
  • Bring your journal to bed for your evening entry
  • Keep your bedroom neat
  • Use scented candles or potpourri
  • Play calming music
  • Get at least seven hours of sleep nightly

3. Office Makeover

Some of us spend a lot of time in our office, or at work. Even though we may not think of this as a personal space, it does have an influence on us. Do your best to make it a pleasant environment that will support a healthy lifestyle

Office Checklist

  • Remove unhealthy snacks from desk drawers
  • Keep your office space neat
  • Have a place for a glass of water or a water bottle
  • If someone nearby keeps a bowl of candy on their desk, ask them to put it away, or at least put it farther away from your desk
  • If you can, move farther away from the snack machine
  • If you can, put up (work appropriate) pictures of things that make you happy – pictures of animals or nature have a calming effect

4. Car and Driving Routes

There is nothing healthy about sitting in a car for long periods of time, but you can make it so that sitting is the only bad thing about it.

Car Checklist

  • If you are tempted by food shops or restaurants that are along your route, re-route your drive in order to not pass by these places
  • Instead, drive past a park or somewhere you could stop to take a walk – if you end up with extra time on your hands you could spend time there
  • Keep a healthy snack in your car so that if you get hungry while you are out, you can eat that instead of stopping at a drive-thru. (Unsalted nuts can be a good choice).

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