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Overview of the Four Corners

The Live Slim program is based on these four principles of weight loss and healthy living.

List of Lessons

This is a list of all of the Lessons, Checklists & Actions and Worksheets in the program.  (You will only have access to the ones that we have covered so far.)


  1. Habits
    Be Mindful
    Eat to 80% Full
    Eat Protein at Every Meal
    Eat 5 Servings Of Veg
    Drink Enough Water
    Follow a Sleep Routine

  3. Lessons
    Why are Habits so important? (Week 1)
    You Have Two Brains (Week 2)
    The Pysiology of Habits (Week 2)
    Food Addiction (Week 3)
    The Difference Between Will-Power and Motivation (Week 3)
    Eat 4-5 Meals Per Day (Week 4)
    Don’t Feed Sugar to Your Microbiome (Week 4)
    Breaking a Bad Behavior Chain (Week 5)
    Food Sensitivity (Week 6)
    Antioxidants (Week 8)
    Limiting Beliefs (Week 8)
    Inflammation (Week 9)
    Paradigm Shift (Week 9)
    Cholesterol (Week 10)
    Dietary Fats and Oils (Week 10)
    Why Sleep is Important (Week 11)
    Your Body’s pH (Week 12)
    Your Future Self (Week 12)

  5. Actions & Checklists
    Create a supportive personal environment (Week 1)
    Eat Slowly (Week 2)
    Track Your Intake (Week 2)
    “Head Hunger” vs. “Belly Hunger” (Week 3)
    New Self Image (Week 4)
    Notice, Own, and Control (Week 4)
    Optimize Your Sleep Surroundings (Week 11)

  7. Worksheets
    Determine Your Motivation (Week 3)
    Keep Snacks With Protein On Hand (Week 5)
    Locate Your Triggers (Week 5)
    What Foods Need Replacing? (Week 6)
    Fit More Veg Into YOUR Day (Week 7)
    Limiting Beliefs (Week 8)
    Sleep Routine (Week 11)
    Your Future Self (Week 12)

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