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Your Transformation Starts Here!

The Four Corners of weight management and healthy living are S.L.I.M.: Surroundings, Lifestyle, Intake, and Mindset. In a lot of ways, the fourth corner, Mindset, is the most important – you could say it’s what dictates the other three! This worksheet starts you laying the foundation for Mindset. Take your time to answer these four questions:


Question One

You likely have something that you would like to achieve during this twelve week program.  It may be to lose weight, find motivation, learn more about nutrition, or reach some other goal regarding your health or lifestyle. And chances are that you have had this goal in mind for a while.

Let’s assume that this goal would address an ongoing problem in your life.  It is very easy to get used to a problem, and thereby let it linger.  It becomes part of us, we adjust our lives to accommodate it, we start to view it as normal.  It is human nature to do this. 

But, even if you have been able to trick yourself into forgetting about the problem, it is still there, and probably still exerting influence on your life.  Well, it’s time to pull back the curtain and look at overcoming this problem, and achieving your goal.

What is your goal?

What is it costing you to avoid achieving your goal?

What unhappiness or trouble is fixed by reaching this goal?  Are you missing out on anything because you have not worked on the goal?  Is your health being compromised?  Do you have physical discomfort?  Do you not feel good about yourself?
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Question Two

Now that you have looked your goal in the eye and realized what it’s absence is taking away from you, it’s time to look toward a solution.

Imagine for a few minutes what life is like once you have achieved your goal.  The problem has been addressed, fixed, and eliminated.  You are at your ideal weight, have plenty of motivation, and know how to easily maintain your weight going forward.

How do you feel?

What is different in your life?

Do you have more energy?  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?  Do you need to go buy smaller clothes? 

Do your friends and family look at you differently?  Can you participate in activities that you couldn’t before?

What is this worth to you?  What would you do to achieve this goal?

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Great!  Now for what at first seems like a silly question, but is actually hard to answer.


Question Three

Now that you know what your goal is, how it will change your life, and how important it is to you, you need to decide to achieve the goal.  This is the first step towards your goal.

If you do NOT decide to do it and commit to doing it, nothing will happen.  Just thinking about the goal doesn’t make it happen, planning for the goal doesn’t make it happen.

Only taking action will make it happen, and the first step towards taking action is deciding to do it.

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Question Four

In order to create a new you, you first need to identify with this “new you” person.  Similar to the problem in question one above, you get used to who you are.  It is your reality on a daily basis, and it is firmly in your mind.

Your mind is very powerful, as you will come to see during the next twelve weeks.  What you think about, you bring about, or as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  If you start to think of yourself as a slim, healthy person, you will become that person.

This should be fun: create a new self image that is congruent with the goals that you want to achieve.  Define exactly who you are going to be, how you are going to feel, and what you’re going to look like.  Create your new “Slim You” Image.

Be as specific as possible.  Write down how much you weigh, what your meals are like, what you are wearing, what your typical day looks like, what you will be doing that you may not be comfortable doing now, how you feel when you look at your awesome slim body in the mirror, etc.
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